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Parution - The Dynamics of Welfare Markets

  • Le 04 février 2021
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Private Pensions and Domestic/Care Services in Europe - Ledoux Clémence, Shire K. & van Hooren F. (Eds.)


This volume represents the beginning of a 'cross pollination' of different social scientific disciplines, bridging the boundaries between national and disciplinary epistemic communities in the worlds of European welfare markets. It maps the common ground and uncovers new research directions for the future study of actors, policies and institutions shaping the growth and dynamics of European welfare markets.
The book defines welfare markets as politically shaped, regulated and state supported markets that provide social goods and services through the competitive activities of non-state actors. The chapters focus on what happens after states have initiated welfare markets, with equal weight given to the analysis of the agency of state actors and non-state actors in the contraction, stabilisation, and disruption of welfare markets. By focusing the analysis on two cases of welfare markets, private pensions and home-based domestic/care work, the contributions explore and compare the dynamics of different types of markets.

The research will be of use to sociologists and scholars of social policy interested in the social dimension of welfare markets, political scientists and political economists, as well as diverse epistemic communities across the social sciences.

  • Introduction: From the Emergence to the Dynamics of Welfare Markets
    Clémence Ledoux, Karen Shire, Franca van Hooren
    Pages 3-49 - Open Access
  • Becoming an Organised Actor in a Welfare Market: Employers in the French In-Home Domestic/Care Services Sector
    Clémence Ledoux, Rafael Encinas de Muñagorri, Virginie Guiraudon
    Pages 319-344 -  Abstract


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