The Law and Social Change (DCS) Laboratory brings together nearly 82 researchers, mostly lecturer-researchers, and over one hundred doctoral students.

The DCS Laboratory is made up of: permanent researchers (either CNRS researchers or lecturer-researchers) whose work is mainly connected to the laboratory; associate researchers who also participate in the laboratory's work (including researchers from other laboratories, professionals,post-doctoral researchers, contract project managers and emeritus professors); DCS doctoral students and recent PhD graduates; permanent project managers who provide scientific research support and an administrative team.
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Director:  Rafael Encinas de Muñagorri

Assistant Director:  Gaëtan Cliquennois

Laboratory Management Committee:  Rafael Encinas de Muñagorri and Gaëtan Cliquennois (ex officio members), Marine Friant Perrot, Franck Héas and Nicolas Huten.

Laboratory Council:  Rafael Encinas de Muñagorri (ex-officio) - Paul-Anthèlme Adèle (elected), Marie Baudel (elected), Katia Barragan (elected), Luc Bodiguel (elected), Anne-Claire Covain (elected), Catherine Del Cont (elected), Virginie Gautron (elected), Xavier Godin (elected), Nicolas Huten (elected), Diane Jeusel (elected), Arnauld Leclerc (elected), Frédéric F. Martin (elected) - Carole Billet (co-opted), Sonia Desmoulin-Canselier (co-opted), Gilles Huteau (co-opted) and Clémence Ledoux (co-opted).

Administrative team: Anne-Claire Covain (Administration Manager), Marina Gerardin, Yannick Le Gressus and Cindy Martin.