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Parution - Special issue: Human rights, prisons and penal policies

  • Le 13 February 2021
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Cliquennois, G., Snacken, S., & van Zyl Smit, D. (Guest Editors)(2021), European Journal of Criminology, 18(1)

Europan J of Criminology
The process of institutional and judicial control over many sectors of society is often describbed as an influencetial and growing social-legal trend, contributing to the development and the reforme of modern societies. This seems to be the case particularly for prisons and other penal institutions, as international bodies and the courts have tried to influence prison policies since the 1960s at least. The judicial and inspecting bodies of United Nations dans European Union (EU), which share the general aims and objectives of what is now commonly referred to as ‘global justice’, have gained increasing prominence in the fields of penal and prison policy and practice in recent years. All the bodies work in their diverse ways to ensure that human rights legislation is observed inside the borders of individual nation states.


European Journal of Criminology, 18(1)

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