The DCS laboratory was created in 1982 and quickly became a CNRS-affiliated unit...
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Our laboratory analyses the role of the legal phenomenon in the transformations of contemporary society.

The law is perceived to be a social legal phenomenon that is all-encompassing: it is both the product of society (of its values and conflicts) and a determining factor in societal transformations. DCS seeks to coordinate both an internal perspective (research in law) and an external one (research for law). Today, the legal phenomenon is part of multiple spatial scales ranging from the local to the global. In addition, the DCS laboratory has developed studies relating to the both the local scale and the European and International area.

The approach advocated by the laboratory seeks to combine three dimensions of law analysis: (i) rules and their enforcement, (ii) coherence of the full range of rights as part of an approach based on intradisciplinarity or the “dialogue on rights between them” making it possible to identify common dynamics, cross-cutting emerging themes and good analytical frameworks, and (iii) foundations of law and the impact of law on society through an interdisciplinary approach that draws from law-related disciplines (sociology, history, philosophy, political science).



Composition of the Laboratory

The Law and Social Change (DCS) Laboratory consists of a Director, an Assitant director, an Management Committee, a Laboratory Council and an administrative unit.
The research unit is made up of PhD students, lecturer-researchers, CNRS researchers and engineers.
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Laboratoire Droit et Changement Social

Faculté de Droit de Nantes
Chemin de la censive du tertre
BP 81307
44 313 NANTES Cedex 3
Tél : 02 40 14 16 01
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